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FOX News
Aug 13, 2009 4:00pm EDT
and cannot do in our lives. neil: we have a monsoon in india, and we have had adverse weather that was affecting the price of this stuff long before the rumors of what the administration was trying to do on imports. >> you are right. this is a longstanding bonehead policy we have had of having price supports that makes sense only for political reasons because they help the farmers in the upper midwest and cane farmers, but the fact is we are now at a crisis point. world prices are the highest they have been in 30 years -- oil prices are the highest they have been in 30 years. we are still paying a boat load in the u.s. because of these policies we have. neil: you can educate me. is it what they are doing or what countries like brazil are doing, you know, shipping a lot of their attention to at an all -- ethanol and taking a lot of corn out of the market? i talked about the weather in india and how that is affecting things. that may be where they are looking at a plot where there might not be one. >> i do not think it is a plot. i would not go that far, and the biggest factor is that th
FOX News
Aug 4, 2009 4:00pm EDT
alarming. neil: do they apply the same lecture to those in india or china where the populations are running at four times? >> there is actually a little tidbit in the study that says it is much more important for a u.s. man or woman to have fewer children because american children use a lot more resources and children in developing countries. neil: if you create more people in those developing countries, they get to be developed. meanwhile, we are hunkering down and there are fewer of us to be a gas station attendants. before you know it, we have a big problem. >> this is not a new idea. this is something that keeps popping up. this is like the whole population bomb theory. people were asking questions during the hearing saying if you really believed that. they talk about really wacky things like sterilizing drinking water, for example. when you ask these scientists or people in this community, why would you do this, they say, we're not advocating any kind of law. we're scientists. we think about this. that is what the white house told me. neil: on the flip side, it would not surpri
FOX News
Aug 18, 2009 4:00pm EDT
willing to hear the objections of those who vote them in india that did not bode too well for one of retreat -- marie antoinette. as you know, she was for a single-payer system. steve moore, are we witnessing history repeating itself? >> well, i certainly do not want any of the democrats to vote for the obama health-care plan to have their heads guillotined off, but what are they not listening to their constituents, neil? and as you know, many have canceled their town hall meetings. they do not want to hear what the constituents have to say. they know that they are angry. we have a representative form of government, and he can vote any way he wants. he was properly elected. that is the way we have elections. the way they could figure tivoli have their heads cut off is in the next election, when voters have a chance to strike back. -- the way they could figure actively have their heads cut off. -- figuratively have their heads cut off. neil: even prior to the pearl harbor, some were sitting in we have a duty and obligation to be there, fighting these guys -- some were saying we had a
FOX News
Aug 3, 2009 4:00pm EDT
does that make our country more competitive with countries like china or india or others who are not going to burden their people with such taxes? how is that going to help jobs? neil: details, governor. silly little factual details. always a pleasure. thank you. meanwhile, stocks up as the economy continues to pick up. the dow soared 115 points, but the s&p 500 back above 1000, first time since last fall. nasdaq jumped more than 30 points, back above 2004 the first time since last fall. oil picking up. $70 a barrel on news that we are running out fast. >> did you hear george allen say there is only two ways to do that -- tax your way out of it or inflate the currency? that is what is happening. you print a lot of money to pay for the programs. when you do that, the value of the money goes down. everything you want to buy with the money has to go up. that is what is going on. we are on an 18-month low on the value of the u.s. dollar. coincidently? i think not, that oil is on a very strong rise. i think we are going to see $100 a barrel of oil by the end of the year. neil: what kind o
Search Results 0 to 3 of about 4